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I live. I love. I laugh. I grow. As a graphic designer and web developer for more than 12 years I lately discovered a different muse and stimulus in life. A muse that I realize now was always there – the desire to create beauty in each and every form. My meditation temple is nature, my heart is the universe, fascinating, enchanting, full of surprises every day… I think at certain age along with wisdom comes a burst of creativity, desire to give, to love, to be… We are expanding in directions, we never thought we would..we are finally able to feel comfortable in our skin and be bold and authentic more than ever…
I can say with confidence that I am not bound to one style of photography as it all excites me and it’s custom tailored to my client’s best interest.
I believe that capturing emotion is my strength. To be able to see the true beauty and essence of a person, it’s not just photography and it’s not even art. It requires something more. Intuition, emotional intelligence, understanding the depths of the human soul, the subtle colors and nuances of emotions and moods…
What has a heart and soul for me is helping other people value and feel good about themselves. The level of expansion I may bring in their life is my biggest reward as an artist. To know that another human being would spend the rest of their life enjoying more each moment, loving more, being more focused on contentment right now, at this point in time.
~ Evelina

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